Nature has endowed all living beings with the ability to procreate, what makes Human-Being so different from other living beings is, not only does this species procreate biologically but it also procreates & co-creates creatively. Painting, sculptures, architecture, authoring a book, directing a film, acting, animation, design etc are all creative expressions of procreation.

Coupes of years back churning began within me for creative procreation. My mind trudged on its own memorable journey looking for a metaphor which has similar or superior DNA than me, has values, intelligence, zeal, courage, aggression, pugnacity, adaptability. I found all attributes in a bird named Tui, from New-Zealand.

Birds are great metaphors as they represent many positive attributes such as freedom, perspective, agility, life, happiness. What makes Tui unique is, its ability to discern, it starts singing at dawn to welcome, change, a new day, a new beginning.

Therefore, I have named my creative procreation as Tui Consulting, an organization formed with a purpose of discerning & leading change for Organization, Social, Individual Excellence.

To begin with, Tui Consulting, will facilitate organizations in discerning, leading, managing & exploiting change, with expertise in:

• Leadership Development
• Coaching
• Diversity Management
• Cultural Development
• Self-awareness
• Transforming Meeting
• Large Group Interventions

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

― Mahatma Gandhi